The Choirs

Pre-Choir Level

First Voices

girls First Voices is our pre-choir experience for boys and girls in Kindergarten through 1st grade. In an encouraging setting, children focus on basic FUN-damental music skills related to understanding, expressing and performing music together. READ MORE

Training Choir Level


TrebleMakers is our youngest performing ensemble. Boys and girls in at least 2nd grade with a love for music come together to develop their skills for singing beautiful unison choral music. READ MORE


Choristers is open to boys and girls in at least 4th grade. These singers further develop their skills from unison into two-part singing. READ MORE


Brio is open to boys and girls in at least 5th grade. These singers expand their musical skills. READ MORE

Advanced Performing Ensemble Level

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is our oldest performing ensemble, forming the core of our identity in guest appearances, collaborations, festivals and travel. Concert Choir is open to boys and girls in at least 6th grade with good sightreading skills. It requires greater responsiblity and commitment. READ MORE


VoiceMale is our most advanced choir for boys. Singers are selected through a competitive audition process. Young men are chosen based on vocal skill, blend, music reading ability, social maturity and serious commitment to excellence. READ MORE


Signature is our crème de la crème. Membership is the most competitive of all YVC Ensembles. As such, this group is YVC's "signature," representing our organization in performances beyond the scope of Concert Choir. READ MORE